Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mantis shrimp, One of the most violent creatures on the planet

(Photo taken from the web)
Right now you're probably looking at this odd creature and wondering if it is even real , well it is. The thing in the picture above is called the Mantis Shrimp. I found about this beautiful but deadly creature about 2-3 months ago. After I saw it my main concern was to find out everything I could about it, I did. in this blog I want to share with you everything I could find about him/her.

Inside of our eyes there are millions of light sensitive cells called rods and cones. Rods let us see light and --> motion. Cones let us see Color.

Dogs Have 2 cones which are blue & green. Having the blue and green cones enable them to see Blue, Green & and a little bit of Yellow.

Humans have 3 cones Blue , Yellow & Red. This additional cone (red) allow us to see colors that are derived form red , for example purple & orange.

Butterflies have 5 cones Blue , yellow , red , ? , ?. They have an additional 2 cones that we don't even know. For a while scientists thought that was the most you can get out of cones until......

THE MANTIS SHRIMP!!! The mantis shrimp has SIX-TEEN cones. The rainbow we see is made out of three color stems, Imagine one to a Mantis shrimp. Mind Blown.

A Mantis Shrimp lives in warm , shallow water.

It typically grows to be 1/2  a foot to 1 foot.

Now to the good part.

You would think a creature that beautiful would be a very nice thing ,I mean like kissing baby sardines and hugging lobsters. Let me tell you, YOU THOUGHT WRONG.

The truth is baby oysters have nightmares about this thing, seriously you can ask them. The MS is one of the most amazingly violent animals on the planet. It has two appendages on the front of its body,Yeah those things have the velocity of a gun-shot  from a 22 caliber rifle. Wow, just wow. In three thousandths of a second it can strike prey with 1,500 Newton's of  force. for people who don't understand no reason to look it up on the web I'll put it into our perspective.--->  If we could move our arms 1 tenth  that speed we could throw a baseball into orbit.

They move their limbs so fast that the water around them BOILS! Even if the MS misses it's prey which are usually oysters or clams it can still kill it.

The reason so many people don't know about them is because you will probably never see them in an aquarium. That is because 1. it has a tendency to kill everything that is in the tank with it  2. It would just break the aquarium glass.

 So that's it for now if you have anything you would like me to write about , Anything science or history just put it into the comments.

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